La Sirvienta
daddy issues (excerpt)
           Artist Statement:  Society seems to have one image of Latinas that all resemble Jennifer Lopez or Sofia Vergara: women who have fair skin, long dark hair, and voluptuous bodies. Although many of these Latina women do exist, we’re not all like that. Due to this stereotype, many Latinas of color tend to feel left out of their own culture.     I’ve always believed that every human is much more than the color of their skin, and I am tired of having to explain my skin color being the ethnicity that I am. The term “Afro-Latino” often feels like a hidden identity because many black Latinos will not claim their African ancestry, as many feel that they grew up in a world that makes this feel shameful. It’s no secret that racism exists around the world, but I feel like racism within the Hispanic/Latino community between fair skinned Latinos and indigenous/afro Latinos is somewhat allowed and ignored.     With my photography I want to pay tribute to all of us Latinos of color, specifically women, demonstrating that we exist, we are proud of our skin, hair texture, language, culture, and, most importantly, our roots. 
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